3 Banking Workflows You Can Automate Right Now

In the fast-paced world of banking, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Automation has become the driving force behind operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the right tools and technologies, banks can automate critical workflows, reducing manual effort, errors, and processing time. In this article, we will explore three key banking workflows that can be automated right now, with a focus on the best software for workflow management and the best workflow apps.

1. Customer Onboarding and Account Management

Traditionally, the process of onboarding new customers and managing their accounts involved stacks of paperwork and manual data entry. However, today’s technological advancements offer a streamlined approach to this critical workflow.

Automation Solution 1: Digital Forms

The transition from paper forms to digital forms is a game-changer. Customers can now complete applications electronically, either in-branch or online. The best software for workflow management in this context includes tools like Adobe Sign and DocuSign, which not only facilitate the electronic signing of documents but also ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Automation Solution 2: eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer)

Electronic identity verification is at the forefront of automating this workflow. Solutions like Trulioo and Jumio offer robust eKYC platforms that help banks verify customer identities swiftly and securely, aligning with regulatory compliance requirements.

Automation Solution 3: Automated Account Provisioning

The best workflow apps and software for automating account setup include Fenergo and Appway. These platforms automate the provisioning of customer accounts based on the information collected during onboarding. This reduces wait times for customers and ensures consistent data entry.

By adopting these automation solutions, banks not only expedite customer onboarding but also enhance the overall experience by providing a faster and more convenient process.

2. Loan Processing and Approval

Loan processing and approval are critical aspects of banking that often involve complex and time-consuming procedures. Automation, however, offers a more efficient and accurate approach.

Automation Solution 1: Credit Scoring Algorithms

The best workflow apps for automating credit scoring include FICO and Experian’s PowerCurve. These platforms utilize advanced credit scoring algorithms to assess applicants’ credit histories and financial information accurately. This reduces the need for manual reviews and ensures consistent credit assessments.

Automation Solution 2: Document Verification

Streamlining document verification is crucial in loan processing. The best software for workflow management in this category includes Alloy and Plaid, which automatically validate the authenticity of documents submitted by applicants, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent applications.

Automation Solution 3: Automated Decision Engines

Automated decision engines such as the ones offered by Enova Decisions and Zoot Enterprises play a crucial role in making faster and more objective lending decisions. These engines consider various factors, including credit scores, income, and risk assessments, and align with the bank’s lending policies.

By automating loan processing and approval, banks can significantly reduce the time required to make lending decisions while enhancing the accuracy and consistency of those decisions.

3. Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud detection and prevention remain ongoing concerns for banks. Traditional methods often rely on manual reviews, which can be time-consuming and less effective than automated approaches.

Automation Solution 1: Machine Learning Models

The best software for workflow management in fraud detection leverages machine learning models. Tools like SAS Fraud Framework and Nice Actimize employ machine learning to identify patterns and anomalies in transaction data. These models can detect unusual behaviors or transactions in real time, triggering alerts for further investigation.

Automation Solution 2: Real-time Transaction Monitoring

To monitor all banking activities as they occur, the best workflow apps include Oracle’s Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) and Actian’s Avalanche Real-time Fraud Analytics. These platforms track transactions in real time and flag suspicious activities immediately for review.

Automation Solution 3: Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection algorithms are effective in spotting deviations from normal customer behavior. Leading solutions, such as Splunk and RapidMiner, offer anomaly detection capabilities that help banks proactively identify potentially fraudulent activities.

By automating fraud detection and prevention, banks can enhance security, reduce the risk of financial losses, and protect their reputation.


In conclusion, automating these three fundamental banking workflows – customer onboarding and account management, loan processing and approval, and fraud detection and prevention – is crucial for improving operational efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing the customer experience. To achieve this, banks can turn to the best software for workflow management and the best workflow apps, creating a more efficient and secure banking operation. By embracing automation, banks can meet the demands of tech-savvy customers and maintain their competitive edge in the banking industry.

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