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Firm Insight Partners Manhattan Mercury Bank offers a wide range of bank products that can help to make your banking experience as convenient and easy as possible. Our experienced team of professionals is available to answer all of your questions and provide advice on how to choose the right bank product for your needs. From our selection of bank accounts to our range of insurance products, we’re committed to providing you with all of the information you need to feel confident in your decision.


CivicPlus, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for local governments, has announced a $290 million investment from private equity firm Insight Partners. The acquisition comes just two years after CivicPlus, then a minority owner, was purchased by Boston-based BV Investment Partners.

The company has been on the GovTech 100 list each year since 2001. The company’s innovative product suites help local governments optimize interactions with citizens. This includes mass notification, meeting management, citizen request management, employee management and parks and recreation management. The platform also provides a range of low-code development tools.

Horizen Labs

Horizen Labs is a new Austin-based firm that develops technology to help businesses achieve better security, reliability, and performance. The company has a suite of technologies designed to address a range of use cases, from the most simple, such as storing data on a public or private blockchain to the more complex, such as smart contracts. This is in addition to a platform that allows developers to create programmable sidechains and send and retrieve data from a public or private chain.

A related product is the Horizen Treasury DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. This is a public-facing initiative that will allocate funding to the development of Horizen. It is slated to launch later this year. The aforementioned DAO will enable holders to vote on proposals, which will then be implemented by the Horizen team starsfact.


Tetavi, a Hollywood based immersive content company, recently closed its latest venture round led by Insight Partners, a global private equity firm. The round, which came in at $20 million, will help the company expand its operations in North America and increase its employee base to the tune of more than a hundred whotimes.

According to the press release, the investment will also help the company realize its vision for the future. This will include the opening of a Los Angeles studio location and the creation of new products in its holograms, volumetric video and virtual reality technologies.


DistroKid is a company that provides online tools to assist artists in releasing and promoting their work. It also distributes some of the world’s best music to online and mobile audiences. The company offers many of the same services that major recording companies and music labels have, but for much less money. The company processes over 25 million songs a month, and serves more than two million artists across all genres and echelons. The company’s offerings include a music distribution service, a YouTube artist channel, and the ability to monetize your content on social media and simasvip elsewhere.


ByondXR is a company in the virtual, augmented and real world ecommerce space. This company provides a cloud-based platform for digital visual merchandising. The company boasts an impressive list of clientele, including Coca-Cola, HP, KT, Amdocs and Turner Hibooz. Its offerings range from an interactive 3D showroom to a full blown ecommerce solution. The company’s aptly named virtual reality ecommerce solution allows customers to virtually experience the latest innovations in the aforementioned industry. The software features features such as drag and drop, real-time publishing and scalability. It also allows customers to view full product catalogs, and build their own order lists.

StatLab Medical Products

The company is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic supplies and equipment, and is part of the Audax Private Equity portfolio. It is dedicated to providing anatomic pathology laboratories with broader access to high-quality products. It offers lab consumables, surgical instruments, and detection kits.

The company’s team of experts has a common vision: fostering a culture of continuous improvement to achieve its commitments to customers. Its goal is to become the partner of choice for anatomic pathology laboratories, by expanding its global presence and fashionnowdays offering high-quality products and services.

Mercury bank

Mercury is a digital-first banking platform for startups. It offers a range of products, including business savings accounts, debit cards, and venture debt. It is partnered with an FDIC-insured bank, Evolve Bank & Trust.

For startup companies, Mercury offers a curated investor list. Its API makes it easy for you to automate transactions. For more information, visit its lpllive website.

As a fintech, Mercury has lower qualifying requirements than most traditional banks. They also offer free wire transfers and checks. However, they have a minimum requirement for opening a business account.


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