Hillsborough County School Choice Application Period

The deadline for the Hillsborough myweddingfest County School Choice application period is Friday, December 11. During this time, parents can apply to attend any of the schools in the county. Parents can select schools based on location, curriculum, and interests. The Attendance Area School is the school assigned to your child’s home address. The school choice application process is open to parents of children entering grades K through 11 with available space.

In order to apply, families must complete one application for each district. Using multiple applications will slow the process and cause delays. Applicants must complete the “Position Desired” page to be considered for future openings. Students who are interested in instructional positions should complete the “Position Desired” page. Applicants seeking a job in site-based administration should complete the “Pool” page. Current employees tubeplusnews should apply through AppliTrack.

Once a family has completed the form for their child, they must select one of the schools listed on the form. Once selected, students will be sent an email from the school informing them of their acceptance. Parents will be notified by late February. In addition to choosing a school, students must also complete a magnet application for the next school year. The application process is criteria-based and will be determined through a computerized lottery system.

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