Shirt Collar Styles for Men: The Complete Guide

The collar you pick for the dress shirt you wear will be more influential on your appearance than the cuffs or the overall fit. Because it’s the thing that covers your face, it is important to understand the various collars for dress shirts that are out there and help you make the right selection.

When choosing a style of collar, it is a good idea to know what makes a great or bad collar on a shirt. There are a few basic rules that can assist you in understanding how to find the perfect combination that is best for you.

Collars with straight or forward points

The straight-point collar can be described as the best well-balanced collar style, which is suitable for casual and formal attire. It is cut with straight lines that end with a point. It can be distinguished from other collars by the tiny spreading (the physical gap between them).

The most common association is with the traditional formal shirt for men; this is a reliable collar option for office or wedding rendezvous.

The collar is compatible with all lapel styles (peak, the shawl, or notch). As for your tie style, the four-in-hand, known for its smaller knot – is the best choice. Try it without a tie to create an elegant look: a slim blazer, chino pants, and sockless brogues to winning.

Men’s dress shirts in tiffany blue are an excellent way to make a statement. They can take an ordinary outfit to the next level and are sure to leave an impression. Whether you opt for a classic silhouette or something more contemporary, these bright hues can bring out the best in any style. 

The soft sea foam color is perfect for adding subtle sophistication to your wardrobe without overpowering the look. For a sharp and striking look, pair your tiffany blue men’s dress shirts with understated accessories – a black tie or bowtie and shoes will create a timelessly elegant appearance.

Champagne shirts for men are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Whether you’re out at the club or attending a formal event, these shirts will have heads turning! Not only do they add a touch of style to your look, but they also symbolize sophistication and class. 

The fabric is extremely comfortable — lightweight and breathable — giving you a sense of airiness so you can still show off your fashion-forward style even in warmer temperatures. And if champagne doesn’t grab your attention, these shirts come in many colors that all make bold statements about who you are! 

Button-Down Collar

Two buttons attach the button-down collar directly to the shirt’s fabric. The most casual of collars, it can be worn without or with a tie and is suitable for more informal occasions.

The spread style can vary between brands and styles, and you can play around with the style you’d like based on whether you’re wearing a tie or not.

Wear the button-down collar without a tie, and leave the shirt unbuttoned at the top. Wear it with white sneakers, and leave the shirt loose for casual summer vibes. Result

Collar Stiffness

In the 1800s through the 1930s, stiff collars created due to the generous use of starch were the standard. They were removable to be replaced in an age when effective detergents and laundry weren’t available. The stiffness of the collar is measured by the thickness of the interlining used to create the collar.

Collar Height

The height of the collar is a measure of how high the collar is around your neck. Higher collars look more formal and assertive; they convey that you’re serious. When picking a shirt to wear at work, be aware of the impression the collar’s height creates. A collar with a high rise is more common to the Italian style and might require two buttons on the collar to accommodate the extra height.

Face Shape

The collar size you pick will be based on your facial shape. For those with a larger face or a round one, larger collars are better suited to balance your appearance. These situations will make your face appear larger. The best guideline is to pick a collar that is comparable in size to your face and head.

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