Things to Consider Before Owning Horse Properties in Scottsdale

Even if you have dreamed about owning a horse property in Scottsdale, owning one can be difficult because these properties are in high demand. Horse properties in Scottdale stand at an average price of horse stables are around $875k. Before buying a Scottsdale horse properties for sale in Arizona, make sure you are ready. Here are some things to consider that will help you decide if purchasing an equestrian home is the right choice for you.

Condition of the Stables

You should budget at least $400 or $350 monthly for general healthcare in Scottdale. If your animal needs full care boarding, the monthly charge increases to about $700.

The stables are essential to the horse property and should be maintained. The condition of the stables can tell you a lot about how much care has been put into them, as well as their history. If they’re old or in disrepair, finding someone willing to take over management duties may be challenging so that you can start enjoying the benefits of owning your horse property in Scottsdale.

If you rent a particular stable, ensure it’s clean enough for your horses!

Properly maintained with all facilities.

One essential thing you need to consider is whether or not the property has been adequately maintained. All facilities must be in working order and ready for use. If something isn’t right, it could be dangerous for your horse and yourself!

You should also check if other amenities are nearby, such as a fence or barn, which could help keep your horse safe from predators or injury from getting too close to someone else’s property line (which happens more often than people think).

You should consider the size and design. 

In Scottsdale, horse properties for sale earn wages ranging from $33,110 to $113,140, with a median pay of $64,170.

You should consider the size and design of the stables before buying one. The size of a horse property depends on how many horses you want to keep at one time and how much space you have in your backyard or front yard. If you only have room for one or two horses, purchase an acreage so that they can run freely without being confined by fences. However, if more than four horses need care from time to time (and perhaps even during certain seasons), choosing a smaller parcel will suit them better since they won’t be running around aimlessly all day long!


In urban regions in Scottsdale, boarding of stables can cost as much as $1,200 to $2,500 per month, although the typical monthly cost is $400 to $500.

Horse properties are among Scottsdale, AZ’s most expensive real estate investments. It ranks as one of the most lucrative property investments for investors in Scottsdale. This is because these properties can generate significant sales and occupancy rates compared to other commercial properties. Most investors would agree that the income generated from these properties is far more than what they could earn from many other commercial ventures in Scottsdale, AZ biographypark.

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