What are the new sports for the 2024 Olympics in Paris?

The 33rd Summer Olympics will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11, 2024. According to Thomas Bach, head of the International Olympic Committee, the future Paris Olympics should be very different from all previous Olympic Games. They must be more inclusive, and the gender ratio of women and men will be much more equal than before. He said that the sport must also be taken up by the youth. 

Also, the program seems to be very unusual and interesting and will feature many new sports disciplines. Paris 2024 has already submitted its proposal to the IOC to integrate four new sports in the Olympic games program that are closely associated with youth and reward creativity and athletic performance. These five sports are breakdancing (breaking), surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding. 

And some kinds of sports have always left the Olympic program.  

It’s interesting, but each new sport has to prove its own importance to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and go through all the stages of approval.


The peculiarity of this sport is that it depends on unpredictable factors more than any other sport. That’s why the idea of artificial waves seriously interested the Olympic Committee. Moreover, the technology associated with artificial waves develops from year to year. There are many examples of such pools, but usually they can be safely divided into two main types. Do not forget that it is a sport practiced by people all over the world. 


At the 2024 Summer Olympics in France there will be no karate for good. It is a new Olympic sport, which was included in the program of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, today it is known that there will be no karate in the Summer Olympics program.

The decision to eliminate karate was known before. This kind of martial arts is popular in Japan, so by representing it at the Tokyo Games, professional associations wanted to ensure its Olympic status in the future. But in France the popularity of karate is not so high, in contrast to breakdancing, which is fond of local youth – so the organizers of the Olympics 2024 decided to exclude karate and agreed with the International Olympic Committee.

Karate had wanted to be included in the Olympic program since the 1970s. In 2015, such a proposal was made by the National Olympic Committee of Japan. It was first rejected and then approved.

In addition to skateboarding and surfing, the summer Olympics in Tokyo featured some extreme sports such as BMX freestyle, skateboarding and surfing. Extreme sports, born in the U.S. in the middle of the last century, have been gaining recognition for years.


Baseball and softball were featured in the program of last Olympics in Tokyo, but the Olympics comitee has decided to leave them out. Baseball and softball are disciplines which people from Japan love, that is why it was part of the Olympics program. In spite of the fact softball has been contested four times at the Olympics, these rwo disciplines won’t be there. However, the new Olympics will feature breaking (breakdancing) sccbuzz.

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